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Welcome To Purple Patch

Truly awesome, award winning, breakfast cereals that are made in a kitchen by people who love good food rather than being churned out on a factory production line. Finished off with finely ground vanilla pods to make it taste like you are on holiday. Things are on the up and up!

Sunshine in your mouth

Full of flavour

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100% Natural Ingredients

Nothing but nature in our cereals

Good For You

Full of fruit in every bite

Our Products

Order direct from us or find them in top notch farm shops and delis.

Purple Patch Snack Pot

The perfect snack for munching on the go – tasty, healthy and sustaining. Things are on the up and up!


Honey Baked Oat,
Nut & Seed

Chocolate Baked Oat & Tangy Cranberry

Chocolate Baked
Oat & Tangy Cranberry

Honey Baked Oat & Seed

Honey Baked
Oat & Seed

Honey Baked Oat, Nut, Fruit & Seed

Honey Baked Oat,
Nut, Fruit & Seed

Coming Soon
Create Your Own Cereal

Are you feeling fruity? Cranberries & Chopped dates are sure to hit the spot!

Maybe you want to go nuts? Go crazy with Pecan, Broken Brazil or Hazelnut

What Our Customers Say

I have never been a big fan of eating seeds and oats but I tried Purple patch’s snack pot- honey baked oat and seeds and it is so yummy!
It is so crunchy and the slight sweetness of the honey just ignited a mini party in my mouth. It tastes so good and it felt good to know I’m eating healthy seeds that is this tasty.
Highly recommended!
Busayo Ogunnaike
The description is beyond explanation because the first time I tasted it was irresistible,delicious and Crunchy and didn’t even know the time I consumed 3 packs raw without adding milk.I will give it 3 descriptions
Ishola Olaleye Reuben

Cereals are out of this world. Healthy and yet still fills one’s stomach ! the Chocolat flavoured one is my favourite. This is definitely the next best thing out there in the Cereal Verse… Go get some! #PurplePatchCereals

David Oluwatobi Anthony

Have tried three of the four so far and they have been excellent. I have no problem paying a wee bit extra for a far superior product which contains what it says on the pack – no hidden extras!

Chris Donald
Manager Chias
Every single products sends butterflies through your stomach . sumptuously refreshing, and goes way more allowing you to focus all day long.
I love the potty snacks, quite handy and very nice if you relish snacks.
Ricardo Valentino
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